On-Site Intervention

Hands-on PT Studio Consulting for your rising boutique gym or studio.

Joe builds fitness businesses, more importantly, helps PT Studio and boutique gym owners make the competition irrelevant.

The drama usually takes place in a living room, with some kitchen chairs and an old couch. It’s that all-too-familiar scene in a such-and-such reality show, where a group of “concerned” family members corners a troubled family member, forces their arse down and confronts them head-on about their addiction.

It’s blunt. Messy. Full of love. There’s usually resistance, but eventually the core message lands (“Hey, stop being an idiot” or “stop pissing your life away”). A verbal commitment to change occurs, and the intervention is considered successful. Family members leave, and pat themselves on the back for their selfless deed.

This isn’t that.

With the On-Site Intervention, there are two key differences. Number one: we’ll sit down properly, look at your entirety of your business operations, but the only thing anyone is ever going to accuse you of being addicted to the success. Number two: this would be voluntary. When we burst into your house, it’s because you lovingly swung the door wide open and ushered us in, knowing we won’t bolt until the job is done — until your boutique gym and studio is humming like a Ferrari.

What sets our merry band apart is our attention to you and your team. Crushing the numbers and achieving limitless profitability is awesome — and we’ll certainly get you there — but that is only possible when the total wellness of the studio owner and the team are tip-top. A cherry red sports car is useless if the driver is drunk.

Is an On-Site Intervention right for you and your business? To find out, rank the following questions from 1 to 5 (where 1 is “poor” and 5 is “smashing”).

  • How’s your wellness? Not how big your muscles are. We’re after the kind of stuff fitness pros don’t speak about. Wellness is about your relationships. How much or how little you sabotage yourself. The state of your mind and the shadows you grapple with, and other things outside your business which affects your business.
  • How’s your staff’s wellness? Are they really fit to represent your brand? Same as above. What are they bringing, mentally, emotionally, and otherwise, into your house? They may have challenges they don’t share with you, and even some which they are not even aware of. Yet they are expected to rock-up at 100% and absorb all of your client’s problems too.
  • How unique are you in relation to your competitors? You may find yourself stuck on pricing and/or fighting for the same clients as all of your competitors. They may be even getting better client results than you. Unsure of how you stand out, the collective profit pool may be shrinking.
  • How confident do you think your shareholders, partners, and employees are in your leadership? The signs may be appearing. Subtle discrepancies in what they say about you and how motivated they act. Rumour mills circulating doubt and hearsay. A measurable reduction in quality. A lack of support and buy-in when making key business decisions.
  • How committed are you to your gym’s success? Perhaps you’ve considered selling, closing, or had steamy fantasies about a career change. Circumstances and priorities mixing in a jumble of questions and frustrations. Where once you held your responsibility to your clients and staff near and dear to the heart, it’s been replaced by an uneasy guilt.
  • Is your business actually supporting you to have the freedom and lifestyle you want? A proper business is a vehicle to live the life you want, where every day is a series of choices and actions you make and take, rather than feeling like the walls of your gym are not better than a prison.

If your score was between 25-30, kudos mate. You probably don’t need an on-site intervention. Prepared to level-up and become a local or regional celebrity, but not sure how to get there? Check out Fit Man Private Coaching.

If your score was between 20-25, this means your studio is doing great, but that you could still be leaving serious money on the table. An on-site intervention only makes sense here if you are preparing to franchise or scale rapidly and require hands-on support with strengthening your culture and new team performance. Otherwise, you’re an ideal candidate for the PT Studio Growth Lab — an ultra low-cost, do it yourself, the educational platform of 10 Microlabs, where current or aspiring studio owners can pick and choose the specific business support they want or need. Calibrate, the first Microlab is available for Free for a limited time by going here.

If you have a studio and your score was anywhere under 20, it’s probably time to ask some intervention-type, blunt questions:  

  • Do you know what you are doing?
  • Are you really meant to be doing this?
  • Do you know what you are doing, are meant to be doing it, but things are just not going your way?
  • Further, are you addicted to success enough to get the help required to not only compete in a dog-eat-dog market but to be so great you render the competition irrelevant?

If you said yes, it’s time to book a Discovery Call today. In that private call with Joe, you’ll gain actionable advice on how to:

  • Supercharge revenue per sale % whilst lowering costs and labour
  • Differentiate yourself with a value-based business strategy
  • Sculpt a result-driven, client-centred studio
  • Create uncontested market space and capture new demand
  • Level-up personal performance through mindset tactics and enhancement
  • More information on how Fit Man Private Coaching or On-Site Intervention (PT Studio Consultancy) can more closely support your journey to achieve all the above and more

It’s all no pressure. You’ll walk away empowered from this special call with greater awareness, an elevated mindset, and personalised, profitable advice for your PT business, far exceeding what it took to book this session. If it feels right and you fit the bill, you can be shortlisted for Joe’s 2017-2018 calendar.

For the month of September, book this Discovery Call with Joe. This will be in depth and personal. There’s a strict limit of only 4 calls each week. Explore remaining time options here.

Or speak to Joe directly. Start a conversation to see what’s best for you.