Fit Man Private Coaching

Are you a winner? Winners make time for what’s important.

The singular goal of Fit Man Private Coaching is to rapidly identify what’s most important to you and then show you how to get a bigger taste of it now and for good.  

We’re men. So, there’s the usual list of animal wants: sports cars, classy women, sharp clothes, a mean apartment, a healthy portion of fame, and an army of friends so loyal they’d lay down in traffic for you. (Have you seen the new Range Rover Velar?)

We’re trainers and studio owners. There’s always an ideal body we’re chasing. It might be Phil Heath’s legs, mixed with Arnold’s delts. Or the edgy cuts of Frank Yang. There’s performance. That elusive personal record, nagging in your brain. The full marathon in London. The sudden urge to trail-run 50K up and around Mount Gede Pangrango, an active volcano in Indonesia’s ring-of-fire. And so on…

You know the story. But it’s not the whole story…

Become a better personal trainer by becoming a better man.  

Drop the 25KG iron.

Can we say, in our heart of hearts, that we’ve actually lived a good life if it’s not punctuated with experiences that blow your hair back, storied moments worth passing down through generations?

Or created quieter moments, away from the mad world, finally allowing ourselves to feel unconditional self-love, and then force ourselves to feel it enough times so that we believed it, and believed it so much that we could sleep well knowing we gave as much to others and the world as we could?

It sounds dramatic, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true, or that it’s not what a man is really here to do.

If those questions resonate with you, but you’re not sure how to answer (or are lost for words), then you consider working closely with the person most suited to help you sort through it all.

Fitness celebrity Joe Hanney has opened his calendar for 5 new private coaching clients in 2017.

What’s a coach, really? Here, it’s a person who walked across the coals, someone who’s gathered up their experience, insights, and know-how, and stands in a space of total service to support your journey, help you define what’s most important to you, and to push you hard into the ideal life you design.

15 years in the industry. Over 147,000 personal training programs designed. The awards and accolades to match. Safe to say Joe’s got the part about the ideal body covered.

He also packs the dark backstory. Like most public figures, there’s scandal. After dizzying success, he collected all the animal wants, flashed cash, drank his body weight, and eventually took his Mercedes and played chicken with a telephone pole. Now, the good things in life are not bad. But karma always slaps back. Good people behaving badly don’t usually keep their good things for long.  

As the saying goes, you can’t know light without dark. The tricky bit is when we don’t really know what is light and what is dark. Unhealthy patterns repeat themselves unknowingly and the potential of a better life remains unrealised.

The Program

A 12-month 1-2-1 VIP coaching relationship with Joe, for those who want to become world-class fitness entrepreneurs. Over the course of this program, gain the personal and practical wisdom for establishing a high velocity, profitable PT business or studio. Swipe the proven playbooks that’ll accelerate your financial trajectory.

Most of all, capture the real gold dust: by redefining and reinventing yourself, and becoming a better man, you can reshape your business and render the competition completely irrelevant.

How It’ll Work

First, we start with an attitude in three key life areas:


Never accept what you’re born with. Break biology and redefine potential, for you and your business.  


A gym has four walls, but the world is round. Expand what’s possible, in and out.


Live without regret. Consciously shape your most precious inner circle.

Then we proceed with a compact method. Let them overcomplicate what it takes to get ahead. With laser focus and tenacity, we get it done.

Step 1: The Mirror. Get shocking clarity on who you really are. Then illuminate what’s most important in life for that person in the areas of Fitness, Family, and Freedom.

Step 2: The Map. A helicopter view of your ideal life landscape. With punishing detail, we mark it up properly with what you discovered and created in Step 1.

Step 3: The Dashboard. An obsessively detailed tracking system to measure the  Key Performance Indicators most closely aligned with your Map, such as revenue and profit. Even love and happiness.

Forget what they made you to be. Leave behind outdated cultural rules about what it means to be a trainer and what it means to be a man. Be on the right side of history as you create more evolved stories about what success means in this imperfect industry, in your own fitness, and in your family life.

Over a year long journey, receive assertive and experienced private mentoring from one of the world’s emerging thought leaders in fitness entrepreneurship and male personal development.

To get started, book a Discovery Call today. Even if it’s mutually decided that it’s not the ideal time for this longer journey with Joe, you’ll walk away from this special call with greater awareness, an elevated mindset, and personalised, profitable advice for your PT business.

Contact Joe Directly. If you prefer to speak to Joe first about your situation then please contact him directly here.