Stop wasting your time and potential, and accelerate your personal training business and life with a 90-minute Discovery Call with Joe Hanney

After just 1 call, leave with a new roadmap for your business and life…

You have a personal training business or own a studio. You are doing well, but just know you can be doing much, much better. In your business, you may be after more clients, better systems, higher profits or scalability. In your personal life, it may be more freedom, more time, or maybe even the partner of your dreams

Or, to be even more direct: we’re all looking for the exact same thing. Happiness. Yet, humans are fickle, confused (and often dumb) and we look for it in all the wrong places, or in a place we thought was right, but turned out to be very, very wrong. Then, if you are anything like Joe, you knew it was wrong, but kept doing it anyways. As fit men, these places are often physical. The body. Sex. Money. Or just straight up power.

Bottom line, you are doing a lot of things right. But the things you are doing wrong (or might be doing wrong) have created an upper limit — an unnecessary ceiling that you’re somehow always below. You’re smart, so know this already on some level, and are probably working diligently on your personal development, devouring books and videos left and right.

But you can avoid pitfalls and common mistakes, especially the ones we make over and over again as if we are punishing ourselves. Or simply just fast track what you’re after (or not sure you are after). Achieve more in one call with Joe than what is possible in a year on your own. That may sound hyperbolic, but here is what you can expect in detail:

  • Uncover hidden challenges and blindspots obscuring you from greater happiness
  • An expert analysis, yours to keep, of whatever information you chose to provide in your pre-call questionnaire
  • Laser sharp awareness of what you’re doing to sabotage yourself and how to overcome it right now
  • A defined vision for your Fitness, Family, and Freedom in life
  • A plan-of-action to achieve extraordinary results
  • Leave the session feeling lighter, renewed, and motivated with extra confidence
  • A recording of your coaching session which you can refer back to anytime
  • 2 weeks of email support, to keep your motivation and momentum in high gear

“Joe is someone who I’d encourage everyone who’s in the fitness industry, especially who wants to have their own business, to really look at what he did. I’ve seen what he did and I’ve been to his facility and I’ve seen what goes on there and it’s amazing, it’s remarkable, so he’s someone I’d definitely follow if I was looking to upskill myself and copy success.”

– Pete Cohen, Fitness Mindset Academy

For the month of September, book this Fit Man Discovery Call with Joe. This will be in depth and personal. There’s a strict limit of only 4 calls each week. Explore remaining time options here

Not sure if you want to commit to a Discovery Call? A question unanswered or an objection standing in the way? Or just not really sure what this guy is all about, but are curious what he means by greater happiness for studio and gym owners?

Start a conversation with Joe to see what’s best for you.