Become a better personal trainer by becoming a better man. To accomplish this, we bring you others who’ve been there, who by transforming their personal lives have radically transformed their personal training. Listen to Joe as he engages with some of the greatest minds in the coaching and fitness world.

Each week, we’ll push back against the traditional fitness industry. They go only muscle deep, but we go all in, and grapple with emotional intelligence, mindset and human behaviour. Together, we can improve as men. Evolve our game. Make the competition irrelevant. And trigger our paths to greater fulfillment in life.

Podcast Episode 10: Chris Dufey

How To Avoid The Time-Money Trap Of One-To-One Personal Training, With Chris Dufey When personal trainers are just beginning in the industry, they often find themselves working around 60 hours-a-week on one-to-one training with clients. Because these trainers are only earning when they are with their clients, they fall into a time-money trap where their […]

Podcast Episode 9: Jonathan Bowman-Perks

Learning To Become A Leader, with Jonathan Bowman-Perks Every personal trainer wants to have as much influence and success in the fitness industry as possible. That is only natural. However, many personal trainers don’t really know how to go about becoming leaders who command respect and high incomes. There are certain plans that you can […]

Podcast Episode 8: Scott Laidler

Learn The Ten Things No-one Ever Tells You As A Personal Trainer, With Online Trainer Scott Laidler When we are starting out as personal trainers, there is a lot about the fitness industry that we have to learn. Most of us learn these things as we gain more experience through trial and error. Some of […]

Podcast Episode 7: Jon Goodman

Learn About The Possibilities Of Online Personal Training, With Jon Goodman Communication is easier than ever before. Computers and the internet allow us to reach out to people around the globe from the comfort of our own homes and offices. Traditionally, personal training has been confined to the gym in face-to-face sessions or in the […]

Podcast Episode 6: Tim McCavitt

Letting Go Of Negativity, with Sedona Method Guru Tim McCavitt Many of us hold onto negative thoughts and feelings, which hold us back in our lives. These negative emotions can prevent us from realising our full potential. This negativity may affect one area or several, whether that is our personal relationships, our work, or our […]