Become a better personal trainer by becoming a better man. To accomplish this, we bring you others who’ve been there, who by transforming their personal lives have radically transformed their personal training. Listen to Joe as he engages with some of the greatest minds in the coaching and fitness world.

Each week, we’ll push back against the traditional fitness industry. They go only muscle deep, but we go all in, and grapple with emotional intelligence, mindset and human behaviour. Together, we can improve as men. Evolve our game. Make the competition irrelevant. And trigger our paths to greater fulfillment in life.

Podcast Episode 6: Tim McCavitt

Letting Go Of Negativity, with Sedona Method Guru Tim McCavitt Many of us hold onto negative thoughts and feelings, which hold us back in our lives. These negative emotions can prevent us from realising our full potential. This negativity may affect one area or several, whether that is our personal relationships, our work, or our […]

Podcast Episode 5: Pete Cohen

Learn How To Use Emotional Mind Hacks In Order To Become A Better Trainer, With Pete Cohen It can be argued that the fitness industry only goes skin deep. That is, the industry only focuses on body image and the aesthetics of staying physically fit and healthy. The mental side of personal fitness is largely […]

Podcast Episode 4: Ryan Michler

How A Better Understanding Of Masculinity Can Make You A Better Man, With Ryan Michler In the Western world we have lost some sense of what it means to be masculine. If we look back at the generations that our fathers and grandfathers grew up in, the expectations placed on them as men were different […]

Podcast Episode 3: Erik Rokeach

How To Reduce Your Workload And Achieve Life Balance, With Fitness Entrepreneur Erik Rokeach We all strive to train as hard as possible, whether that is in the gym or in the local jujitsu dojo. These habits can be hard to break, and the amount of time that we are spending in the gym could […]

Podcast Episode 2: Skip La Cour

Stop Celebrating Your Problems And Make A Change, With Former Drug-Free Bodybuilding Champ Skip LaCour The dedication required in personal training and bodybuilding can sometimes mean that we neglect other areas of our lives. This could be anything from being present in our relationships to striving for financial success. We can get locked into thinking […]