Become a better personal trainer by becoming a better man. To accomplish this, we bring you others who’ve been there, who by transforming their personal lives have radically transformed their personal training. Listen to Joe as he engages with some of the greatest minds in the coaching and fitness world.

Each week, we’ll push back against the traditional fitness industry. They go only muscle deep, but we go all in, and grapple with emotional intelligence, mindset and human behaviour. Together, we can improve as men. Evolve our game. Make the competition irrelevant. And trigger our paths to greater fulfillment in life.

Episode 15: Antonio Centeno (Real Men Real Style)

Dress to Impress, with Antonio Centeno ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover,’ the saying goes. And that’s absolutely true…for books. But when it comes to people, appearances really do matter. We all make subconscious judgments about other people based on their personal grooming and clothing habits. Sometimes our snap judgments don’t align with reality. But […]

Podcast Episode 14: Timber Hawkeye

Finding Your Inner Guru, with Timber Hawkeye We can all think of that one person who doesn’t know when to say ‘enough.’ Maybe it’s money, or food, or sex. Outwardly, they seem to have everything they need. But inwardly, they are trying to fill a bottomless void with ‘more.’ For those in the fitness industry, […]

Podcast Episode 13: Steve Grant

Turning Your Gym Business Vision into Reality, with Steve Grant Thinking of starting your own gym? Trying to grow and improve your existing business? With so much competition in the marketplace, running a successful gym is not simply a matter of setting up a facility and watching the money roll in. All things being equal, […]

Podcast Episode 12: Dave Beadle

Toward a Better Business Model of Corporate Fitness, with Dave Beadle You pay your membership dues, you get access to the gym. That’s it. Such is the conventional business model of corporate fitness. While this model may seem favorable to some employers and their insurers, it ultimately fails to meet the personal fitness needs of […]

Podcast Episode 11: Jodi Rumack

How Harnessing The Power Of Systems Can Help Personal Trainers Succeed, With Jodi Rumack Personal trainers spend so much time pondering fitness programmes and nutrition that they tend to  neglect putting enough planning into their business. So, they often deploy trial-and-error business techniques that end up being super inefficient and simply don’t work. Trying different […]