Become a better personal trainer by becoming a better man. To accomplish this, we bring you others who’ve been there, who by transforming their personal lives have radically transformed their personal training. Listen to Joe as he engages with some of the greatest minds in the coaching and fitness world.

Each week, we’ll push back against the traditional fitness industry. They go only muscle deep, but we go all in, and grapple with emotional intelligence, mindset and human behaviour. Together, we can improve as men. Evolve our game. Make the competition irrelevant. And trigger our paths to greater fulfillment in life.

Episode 20: Pete Banbury and Haydn Parry (HPT5)

Making Exercise Irresistible, with Pete Banbury and Haydn Parry People see a hairdresser to style their hair; a dentist to inspect their teeth; a chiropractor to help with their back. So when it comes to physical fitness, why do people think they can do it on their own? Even when it comes to people who […]

Episode 19: Bill Cates (Referral Coach)

The Referral Marketing System, with Bill Cates It’s not what you know. It’s not even who you know.  It’s who THEY know. Of course, your training and knowledge are important. And of course, it’s important to keep widening your network.  But the most cost effective way for you to grow your business is through referrals and […]

Episode 18: Andrew Cooke (Growth & Profit Solutions)

Turning Scarcity into a Resource, with Andrew Cooke One unfortunate reality of the modern world is that there will always be someone willing to work longer hours for less money. That’s as true of the fitness industry as any. With so much competition, how can you as a personal trainer stay afloat and run your […]

Episode 17: Jordan Syatt (Syatt Fitness)

Chase Value Not Likes, with Jordan Syatt You’ve got the website. It’s filled to the brim with 3rd-party content, advertisements, and referral links. Somewhere on every page is a shirtless photo of yours truly, as if to say “You too can look like me, just sign up.” Now all you have to do is wait […]

Episode 16: Eric Bach (Bach Performance)

Stop Trading Dollars for Hours, with Eric Bach Whether it’s at an office desk or on the gym floor, the daily grind of hourly work get’s old. Sure, some people manage to work a superhuman quantity of hours each week and come away with good money. But what about the quality of that work? Is […]