Podcast Episode 12: Dave Beadle

Toward a Better Business Model of Corporate Fitness, with Dave Beadle

You pay your membership dues, you get access to the gym. That’s it. Such is the conventional business model of corporate fitness. While this model may seem favorable to some employers and their insurers, it ultimately fails to meet the personal fitness needs of most employees.

Meanwhile, the mid-level, traditional club is between a rock and hard place financially. They can’t compete with the membership-driven market of behemoth fitness franchises. The remainder of the fitness industry is being divided into ever-smaller chunks with the rise of high-end specialty clubs.

What’s the solution? Design a new way for clubs, personal trainers, and corporate clients to connect in a cost-effective manner.

“Here is a great opportunity for personal trainers to really leverage their time, leverage their expertise, and continue doing what they love to do.” – Dave Beadle

About Dave Beadle

A veteran of 35 years in the corporate fitness world and frequent presenter at industry conferences, Dave Beadle has made it his goal to create win-win business solutions for fitness clubs, personal trainers, and their clients.

His latest start-up, Fit Happens Intentionally, challenges the conventional model of corporate fitness by targeting sources of revenue beyond membership dues and creating a more flexible, holistic work environment for trainers. The resulting ‘workplace fitness ecosystem’ is designed to help low and mid-level players in the fitness industry leverage their unique qualities to secure corporate contacts.

Show Highlights

  • Recognizing the pitfalls of the “if you build it, they will come” model of corporate fitness
  • The unique challenges of designing fitness programs for small companies
  • Strategies for developing non-dues revenue
  • How trainers can utilize tools and their own expertise to better understand their clients’ needs, and steer them towards personal and professional development
  • Incorporating the “Five Dimensions of Fitness” – Right activity, right nutrition, right rest, right mindset, right gear

“With all this great effort to make the workplace better, you’re still going to have…to meet deadlines, you’re still going to have high pressure, high-stress situations. But if you have resilient employees, folks that are taking care of themselves and are able to weather the storm…that’s really what the employer is looking for.”

Connect with Dave Beadle

Website: www.fithappensintentionally.com & www.dhbeadleconsulting.com

Instagram: @fithappensintentionally

Email: dave@fithappensintentionally.com

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