Six Books That Will Change The Way You Think About Being A Personal Trainer

Here’s a cliché: I have muscles, but I’m no academic. Actually, I dropped out of University while studying Sport Science. I was way too focused on football rather than my studies. That was probably why I only came out with C’s and D’s. PE was my highest grade – a B. The only real qualification I held as a personal trainer was the Level 3 Certificate In Personal Training. (Okay, I had the Les Mills RPM Certificate, too).

34 Quotes For PT’s In Their 20’s

This year I turn 34 (on April 25th) I thought, hey, how about I whip up 34 quotes which have inspired and moved me in profound ways. I know, I know, there are probably way too many Insta-quotes out there, most saccharine sweet and overused. Yet, given that, I don’t judge. Words and quotes cliche […]


“Whatever it takes to find the real you, don’t be daunted if the rest of the world looks on in shock.” Stephen Richards, author We all like to think that we know everything about ourselves. In reality, the chances are that it’s not as much as you think. Many personal trainers are living a life of illusion because they are happy to settle for less, instead of maximising their true potential.

I’m A Fraud – Confessions Of A Personal Trainer

This is by far my most honest post yet. I’m sitting here drinking coffee (nothing changes there, does it?) and just thinking, thinking, thinking. I’m thinking about where my business is today and why it grew into what it has become… Over the years, I coached thousands of clients, while simultaneously working on and improving myself. More times than I could remember, I’d tell them to FOCUS. Focus. Focus. Focus.

6 Ways I Developed Confidence and Turned My Life Around

The Fit Man Habits 6 Ways I Developed Confidence and Turned My Life Around Have you now (or ever) felt angry, frustrated, limited, discouraged, ashamed, disappointed or anxious? The feelings that drain confidence. If so, I can relate. In my case, I experienced those feelings for one reason: because I was living a life of illusion. The bubble gum psychology phrase for this phenomenon is inauthenticity. But that word is too trendy and a bit weak for what I’m getting at here. More on that in a minute.