Part1: 14 Years, 14 Costly Mistakes: How to Profit from the 14 Lessons I Learned As A Personal Trainer turned Gym Owner

Appearances can be deceiving. If you’re a regular follower of my blog, or have encountered the fitness brands I’ve helped create, including what you are reading now, The Fit Man Collective, you’d assume I have my shit completely together. That’s true. But I am still work-in-progress when it comes to being fully prepared to become […]

How To Make Money Networking As a Gym Owner or Personal Trainer

As the saying goes, when you open your mouth, you put your business in ‘da streets. So, on a personal level, whatever comes out of your mouth reveals something about your identity and what kind of man you are. To view or download an infographic version of this blog click here. If you own a […]


Don’t try to deny it. Men always crave them… Sex… Money… and Fame. You wouldn’t be totally wrong if you called us a bunch of animals. We’ve fallen for the shiny lifestyle of movie stars, footballers, celebrity trainers, and millionaires, which has in turn led us to compromise our better lives and forfeit cultivating the […]


They say love sets you free. If so, why do so many Personal Trainers get in their own way? Notoriously, we create “blocks” which limit our ability to have a deep, meaningful relationships. We’re a weird bunch, us fitness fanatics. It’s a chicken and egg situation. The fitness world either attracts a certain kind of […]

3 Fatal Mistakes Keeping You From Beating Your Competition

You want to beat the competition. I’ll show you how. Let’s begin with a “shameless” boost from a happy client of mine:   FULL DISCLOSURE: This is a shameless advert for something that preoccupies much of my life now…. I called Joe Hanney. He answered all my searching, skeptical questions. I joined his establishment. The […]