Shaving Your Body Hair The Right Way

Professional swimmers remove nearly all of the hair from their body to decrease drag and resistance. If you’re looking to remove some body hair your reasons for reducing drag and resistance may have nothing to do with swimming. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to shave your body hair, politely keep them to yourself. We […]

4 Reasons Every Man Should Compete In A Marathon

So sport, physical activity and competitiveness is what got me in the gym game, right? Workout after workout. Weight stacked on weight. Those quick muscle gains led me to experience a broad range of emotions that I hadn’t felt before. Euphoria. Satisfaction. Confidence. Validation. Superiority. Even, dare I say, happy… The more my body took the […]

11 Signs You’re In The Wrong Relationship

  If you have followed me at all before, you more than likely know my shifty backstory. What you may not know is that, despite my philandering, no-good cheating ways, I’ve always been entrenched in what most would call a serious relationship. When I think back on each of these botched attempts at union, I […]

Sex, Money, Fame, and You

Don’t try to deny it. Men always crave them… Sex… Money… and Fame. You wouldn’t be totally wrong if you called us a bunch of animals. We’ve fallen for the shiny lifestyle of movie stars, footballers, celebrity trainers, and millionaires, which has in turn led us to compromise our better lives and forfeit cultivating the […]

The Real Reasons You Haven’t Found Love

They say love sets you free. If so, why do so many men get in their own way? Notoriously, we create “blocks” which limit our ability to have a deep, meaningful relationship. We’re a weird bunch, us fitness fanatics. Or was it just me? The fitness world either attracts a certain kind of person, or […]