A Step-by-Step Guide to Publish Your Own Book and Attract High Paying Clients

It’s cutthroat competition out there. An army of trainers are out there trying to rope in the same pool of potential clients. Plus, those clients are getting smarter and pickier. So just assume they want the best. And I’ll assume that you are the best (or could be). What are you gonna do about it? […]

7 Quick Tips On How To Profit From Clients Who Say No

No is better than yes. Eventually. More sales came from clients who initially say NO. These are the same folks who got a free consultation or training session. They’d get their free things, say “no” and be on their way. Unless you are a god, chances are someone said “no” to your services. The fickle […]

How To Dominate Your City: Lessons from Rappers (Part 2)

In last week’s blog, we talked about what I call “the 2%” — that untapped piece of the market who are looking for you. They are deeply committed to transforming their lives and are looking for someone who’ll do more than mere sessions. In the immortal words of Snoop, they want to see “you be […]

How To Dominate Your City: Lessons from Rappers (Part 1)

Regardless of what you do, there’s always some other personal trainer or gym killing it. They’re more popular than you. They’re attracting your kind of clients, and may have snatched a few of your people away. You scratch your head trying to figure out how to get into theirs. How did they do this? How […]

5 Reasons Every Gym Owner And Personal Trainer Should Compete In A Marathon

With the Bali Marathon 10KM Race this coming Sunday, this blog I think is perfectly timed to be reposted. The first time, was after I had completed the London Marathon… So sport, physical activity and competitiveness is what got you in the gym game, right? Workout after workout. Weight stacked on weight. Those quick muscle […]