How To Dominate Your City: Lessons from Rappers (Part 2)

In last week’s blog, we talked about what I call “the 2%” — that untapped piece of the market who are looking for you. They are deeply committed to transforming their lives and are looking for someone who’ll do more than mere sessions. In the immortal words of Snoop, they want to see “you be you” and for your Profitable Product Mix to reflect that.

Remember that video where Eminem disses Mariah Carey?

Like most of what he does, it was lyric genius (no offense to Mariah).

There’s that great line:


And this one:


Why is this important?

Because we fear what other people will think about us if we were vulnerable, if we were to reveal rawer truths about ourselves. Our struggles, our insecurities, our flaws. It’s our pride that stands in the way.

Eminem, 50 Cent, Dre Dre, and Snoop all rapped about shit that was personal to them.

You don’t have to be everything to everyone. It’s too tiring and will only result in you wanting to quit before you got started.

Learn to say no to more people who don’t align with your values. Don’t know what your values are? Decide now. Or someone will decide for you.

Not everyone likes the music by the rappers mentioned above.

Though no one can deny they still killed it.

Their personal story wasn’t relatable to everyone. But it did connect with “the 2%” and that was the key.

Those 2% became loyal, committed, raving fans! Nevermind the other 98%.

The 2% attracted people who could relate.

BULLSEYE. Marketing magic.

The video is worth watching. What it talks about are some of the best tactics to differentiate yourself.

In other words, if you are worried what other personal trainers might think of you, don’t. They aren’t your market.


What makes you different? Write it down. Orchestrate a story about you worth sharing.

At U Fit Studio, the boutique fitness studio brand I founded in Leicester, UK, I made such a story.


The population in Leicester is 329,900.

52% are married.

That makes 171,548 women that I could potentially help.

If we niche down further, we could look for those who are anywhere from two to six dress sizes too big, between the ages of 34-47.

Let’s filter even more. They are unhappy relationships. They lack confidence, have low self esteem women, and probably one or two teenage children.

That cuts things down to around 2%.

Seems small, but 2% of 171,548 is 3,430.

That’s 3,430 potential clients who happen to be the exact kind of clients I get the best results with. They also happen to be those who provide me with the most personal satisfaction. Historically, this very niche became my most profitable clients and usually always renewed their contracts.

Based on those numbers, here’s the “worst” case scenario:

Hypothetically, if we only work with 100 clients per year, 3,430 would provide us with about 34 years of business.

That’s doing things minimally for the best returns.

Most trainers always look to have the most clients.

Now, it’s about proving that you are worth the fewer, higher quality clients you have.

Your clients need to believe you are the best trainer in your town for them.

Telling them this won’t do the trick.

They’ll require social proof.

Proper video testimonials will address any doubt or objections your potential clients have. They’ll also back up any bold claims you make about how good you are, such as one of my old promos:

“The Skinny Jeans Challenge helps women lose 2 dress sizes in 6 weeks!”

Those 3,000+ women were like yeah, really?

I proved it by sharing video testimonials of women losing 2 jean sizes in 6 weeks.

And I really don’t know anyone better at doing this for you then my man, Erik Rokeach. Check out this video I pulled off his website.

Here’s a few he did for me:

One more…

A combination of marketing won’t do you any harm. Such as holding events, winning awards, networking, and writing for magazines all adds up and contributes towards you being seen as the authority.

Rappers are very good at producing videos of themselves.

Don’t be afraid to tell your potential client why you are different. Do this, even if it means being controversial. Just don’t be an ass about it.

Your clients can’t read your mind.

They can’t see your vision.

You have to spell it out to your potential and current clients. Tell them exactly what makes you different.

Tell them explicitly why they should choose you over your competitors.

One of my previous coaches, Jeff, did a fantastic job of this when informing clients why Herbalife is a bad idea compared to alternatives.

He did it in blog form:

I took a page from his book and did it on the Fit Man Collective website.

What makes you different is not your external systems (not yet, at least). Not your qualifications. Not the features you offer.

And definitely not your shirtless Instagram pictures. Those are super douchey. Selfies say more about your problems and insecurities than they do about your body fat %. Who you trying to gain approval from, bruh?

It starts within you. What makes you different from your competitors. Not someone who just follows the crowd. Done correctly, this will make you the ideal choice for clients who also happen to be ideal for you. The one’s who provide you the most money and the most satisfaction.

When making an argument about what makes you different from your competitors, you don’t have to be nice. Take a page from rappers. They diss one another, usually in public. In those 8-Mile style battles, the winner is always obvious. It’s a combination of confidence and skill. Everyone in the room just knows who the best is.  

People who know they are the best don’t need to waste unnecessary energy trying to prove it to the gym or trainer down the road. Rather, they spend their energy on serving their clients.

Clients will seek you out rather than you chasing them.

Here’s a great example on how you can utilize your experiences, hobbies, interests, and values to help the people that need you most. It’s from our crazy friends at Mark Fisher Fitness. To be sure, they go against the norm, but it truly inspires.

This is your benchmark.

Know who are and what makes you different? Then it’s time to make real money.

Get a Free Report that evaluates your current Product Mix and market position. Know what’s actually working, what isn’t, and how to take what’s different about you, create a whole new demand for your services, and tap into the 2%.

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