How To Dominate Your City: Lessons from Rappers (Part 1)

Regardless of what you do, there’s always some other personal trainer or gym killing it.

They’re more popular than you.

They’re attracting your kind of clients, and may have snatched a few of your people away.

You scratch your head trying to figure out how to get into theirs. How did they do this? How did they pull it off?

It’s tempting to think they are beating you because they’re “‘lucky” or more established, or their marketing has much bigger budgets than what you’re packing.

Luck may have played a role, but consistent success is always more than luck.

Success is the result of your decision to be yourself.

The infamous rapper 50 Cent said it best:

“When a person decides to be themselves, they offer something no one else can be…”

Then Snoop chips in with:

“… once you be you, who could be you, but you.”

Look at this image:

What does your About Page say about you?

More importantly, is your About Page armored with a battery of persuasive reasons why people should “give a shit” about you for more than a few seconds? Compelling reasons to “take action” and click this or that?

Other than exercise, some diet strategies and qualifications, what makes you different?

If you were operating in the same city as Mark Fisher Fitness, would you be able to compete? I mean, they’re killin it. They make their members drink unicorn blood. That earns a gold star for being different. So, is there something different about you that is as different as what Mark Fisher Fitness does?

Appearances can be misleading, and perception is reality, which means that the personal trainer or gym down the road you believe are crushing it are, in fact, not. They are not because they are nowhere near as good as you can be.  

This is a mindset shift, which creates a new story. When you truly own that story, it leaves you with the perfect opportunity to swoop in, dominate your city, and write whatever happy ending you can dream up, such as more freedom, time, or even taking a stack of Benjamins and making it rain dollar bills in the club.

Watch this classic video with 50 Cent and Snoop. It’ll only take a minute. It shows how the rappers of today are just not doing it as well as the old timers did.

Snoop Dogg and 50 Cents talk about Today's rappers doing the Triplet notes flow in Rap Music.

Posted by Hip Hop Kultural Movement on Saturday, 10 October 2015

The lesson was all about being authentic. When you are authentic, you are different:  

“You have to be you, once you be you, who could be you, but you…”

So how do “you be you” in your city?


Have you used a Strategy Canvas? If not, it’s a simple, at-a-glance chart to see what’s happening across the companies you’re in competition with. Very helpful for our line of work.

Cirque du Soleil knew they had to be different:  

For the fitness industry, let’s compare home exercise, traditional health clubs and Curves. Regardless of your opinion on Curves, they set out to be different from the get go:

  • Women only
  • Location easy to commute too
  • Eliminated the fancy cafe, swimming pool and spa
  • Offered a safe non-intimidating environment

Your turn. First, write down the things you offer (your Product Mix). Find at least two competitors in your city and write down what they offer.

Is there a difference? If yes, that’s awesome.

If not, it’s time to get to work. The most common similarities between personal trainers:

  • Sessions
  • Workout time
  • Convenience
  • Poor environment for results
  • Availability

You probably offer sessions and so do they. One or both of them may even do sessions better than you. The cool thing is that you don’t have to better at sessions in order to be better than them.

What can you offer that is different? Trainers who do sessions are usually time poor. It’s an up-at-dawn siege everyday. So it can’t be more time (at least now).

You need to tap into a very specific market. This market is only 2% of the whole market available. It’s a market that the trainer down the road who is really good at sessions can’t touch, but you can.

This 2% will only come to you. They will come to you because they will be able to relate to you and truly understand how you can help them in a way that others cannot.  

2% seems like a small number. Trust me, it’s enough, not only people but in revenue.

Let’s say you are the best in the world at sessions. It still will not land you the kind of people in that 2%. This is because they would have no good reason to work with you over someone else. They are looking for something that sessions cannot provide. Popular commercial gyms kinda understand this, as evidenced by the ubiquitous tagline “We’re more than a gym.” They understand that people serious about transforming their lives require more than a beefed-up trainer who rules at sessions.

These gyms are promising “more” but they are not delivering it. If they were, that 2% wouldn’t be looking for you. That 2% who are fiercely committed to transforming their lives and who have the cash to invest in the right person to help them do it.

Securing even a fraction of that 2% in your city would mean more time and more money. It may not make you a baller on par with Snoop, but you could represent. On the flipside, in your city, Snoop could never be on par with you. Snoop ain’t you.

So the key to attracting those ideal clients in the 2% is to be crystal clear on what it is that makes “you be you” and then creating a superior product or offering which gives “more” to the people who crave it most. Mark Fisher Fitness understands this. They understand that one aspect of what people are looking for, beyond mere sessions, is to not only be treated like human being (“We give a shit”) but like a special human being who is part of something truly incredible (“unicorn blood cult”).

Get a Free Report that evaluates your current Product Mix and market position. Know what’s actually working, what isn’t, and how to take what’s different about you, create a whole new demand for your services, and tap into the 2%.









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