Episode 20: Pete Banbury and Haydn Parry (HPT5)

Making Exercise Irresistible, with Pete Banbury and Haydn Parry

People see a hairdresser to style their hair; a dentist to inspect their teeth; a chiropractor to help with their back. So when it comes to physical fitness, why do people think they can do it on their own? Even when it comes to people who are serious about getting in shape, they are often reluctant to sign on with a personal trainer. Is that a problem with the public’s attitude, or with personal trainers in general? On a special episode of The Fit Man Collective podcast, two guests share their progressive approach to heal that divide and get everyone–trainers and clients alike–to think differently about personal training.

“It’s all about the experience. If a personal trainer spends an hour with a client, the client will probably not remember every exercise that they’ve been through; but they will definitely remember how they felt at the end of that session…It’s not what people think, it’s how you make people feel.” – Hadyn Parry

About Pete Banbury and Hadyn Parry

Pete and Hadyn are respectively CEO and director of HPT5. Founded in 2016, HPT5 offers innovative programs that help personal trainers, gym owners, and managers prepare for the future of the fitness industry. Their foundational Specialist Programme combines instruction in body mapping, functional biomechanics, and injury management. Their combined experience in professional fitness and team management, along with a shared passion for education, is creating a new breed of personal trainer: one that makes exercise irresistible.

Show Highlights

  • How HPT5’s programs encourage trainers to think differently about their work
  • Why a thorough and hands-on knowledge of biomechanics is a must for trainers.
  • Why trainers need to orient themselves towards an aging public.
  • Understanding injury management, and why therapy and fitness are inseparable.
  • How inspiring others comes not from lecturing, but by asking the right questions.
  • “Your value is not in programming.” Why trainers need to focus on cultivating client experiences.

This is a health brief; it’s not a fitness, big biceps, big abs kind of message. I feel that at the moment, the fitness industry is missing the mark and it needs to get it’s act together…We need to stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about the millions of people out there who can do with our help. So, that’s why I set up HPT5, to reach those people.”

Connect with Pete and Hadyn

Website: hpt5.squarespace.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/hpt5learn

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Episode 19: Bill Cates (Referral Coach)

The Referral Marketing System, with Bill Cates

It’s not what you know. It’s not even who you know.  It’s who THEY knowOf course, your training and knowledge are important. And of course, it’s important to keep widening your network.  But the most cost effective way for you to grow your business is through referrals and introductions.  And it’s not just about asking for introductions (which is important); it’s about creating a culture of referrals and introductions in your business.  Are you ready to make a commitment to growing through more referrals?

Not a ‘people-person?’ Feel uncomfortable asking for referrals? Don’t have time for networking? Bad news: if you want to run a successful personal training business, you’re going to have to find a way to deal with it. Good news: it’s not as difficult as you might think. There are simple steps you can take to increase both referrals and introductions and improve your chances of capitalizing on those opportunities.  

“Some people are afraid to ask for help, and they see that asking for referrals is kind of a weakness. The truth is, as any psychologist will tell you, being able to ask for help is a sign of good ego strength. In this case, we’re asking for help to help others. We’re asking for help to bring the important work we do to other people.” – Bill Cates

About Bill Cates

Connection. Engagement. Leverage.  Those are the cornerstones of Bill Cates’ Referral Marketing System, a proven method to increase client referrals–and ultimately revenue–without increasing marketing expenses. Bill’s three published books, live talks, and online resources have helped over 250,000 professionals successfully expand their client base. In this episode, Bill applies his extensive knowledge about increasing the occurrence and effectiveness of referrals and introductions to the fitness industry.

Show Highlights

  • How to make your search for referrals and introductions more narrow and purposeful
  • The ‘consistency theory,’ and how social events can give your business a boost
  • Why confidence–not aggression or arrogance–is key to selling your brand
  • How nurturing ‘centers of influence’ leads to reciprocal referrals
  • Finding your personal ‘why’ and how to communicate your passion to others
  • How to effectively discuss professional certifications with clients
  • Finding the right time and place to request a referral

“All things being equal, people do business with people they like. All things not being equal, people still do business with people they like. They may have to drive further or pay a little more for you, but if they like you and they see the value, they’ll do it.”

Connect with Bill Cates

Website: www.referralcoach.com

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/ReferralCoach












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Episode 18: Andrew Cooke (Growth & Profit Solutions)

Turning Scarcity into a Resource, with Andrew Cooke

One unfortunate reality of the modern world is that there will always be someone willing to work longer hours for less money. That’s as true of the fitness industry as any. With so much competition, how can you as a personal trainer stay afloat and run your business sustainably? Make yourself specialised. Selective. Even a little bit scarce. Not only will your personal brand stand out and attract the right clients, but you will be more effective at achieving real results and building long-term working relationships.

If you’re stuck in the rat-race mentality, that can be a scary transition. We have been conditioned to take comfort in a full schedule, and voluntarily passing up a potential client seems like financial suicide. Don’t make the mistake of exchanging short-term gain for long-term pain. Just think carefully about who you are how you can provide the best value for your clients; the rest will fall into place.

“We’re not focused so much on your technical skills, in terms of being a personal trainer; that’s a given. You’re assumed to have those. And that actually won’t really differentiate you from anyone else, because everyone else can do those technical things. But it’s you as a person that becomes the thing that stands out.”  – Andrew Cooke

About Andrew Cooke

Andrew is the Director of Growth & Profit Solutions, a company dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs unlock their full potential through strategic planning. Andrew holds an MBA from London Business School and has over 20 years experience in numerous countries as a management consultant. In this episode, Andrew shares his valuable insights on how personal trainers can achieve long-term growth and personal satisfaction in their work. 

Show Highlights

  • Why trainers should be open to collaborating with specialists in other fields.
  • Learning to say no: why it’s bad business to accept every potential client.
  • How the simple act of listening to clients builds your reputation and brand.
  • How to find your niche and tie-in your unique skills as a personal trainer.
  • The economics of ‘bundling’ and ‘un-bundling’ in the fitness industry.
  • Why a personal touch–not technical ability– will set you apart from the competition.
  • Be a gardener, not a hunter: let clients come to you. 

“The analogy that I always like to use is that people don’t buy a quarter-inch drill, they buy a quarter-inch hole. They don’t buy what you do, they buy what you do for them. As a personal trainer, what is it you’re doing for people? Not just as you think, but as they think, as they see it. Because of their perception…is the reality.”

Connect with Andrew Cooke

Website: www.business-gps.com.au

For the ‘How To Book Yourself Solid’ cheat sheet or a 15 minute one to one ‘Client Growth Strategy Session’ with Andrew please email him at: andrew.cooke@business-gps.com.au

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Episode 17: Jordan Syatt (Syatt Fitness)

Chase Value Not Likes, with Jordan Syatt

You’ve got the website. It’s filled to the brim with 3rd-party content, advertisements, and referral links. Somewhere on every page is a shirtless photo of yours truly, as if to say “You too can look like me, just sign up.” Now all you have to do is wait for the people, and their money, to start flowing in. You’ve got this online fitness thing down lock, stock, and barrel.


Don’t make the mistake of confusing ‘likes’ and page views for actual effectiveness. Personal trainers are supposed to help people, not win popularity contests. The rapidly emerging field of online training has huge potential to make fitness both more accessible and cost-effective. But that potential is frequently abused by way of self-promotion and get-rich-quick schemes.

Our guest today, Jordan Syatt, is one trainer who is doing online fitness the right way, by putting aside his own ego and offering his clients effective, personalized programs.

“You need to focus on helping people, not being like ‘hey look at me!’ That’s the difference. People don’t care about you, people care about how much you care about them. – Jordan Syatt

About Jordan Syatt

Jordan Syatt is the owner and head coach of Syatt Fitness, a web-based training company catering to clients of all ages and backgrounds. Jordan has a long history in the fitness industry, starting his career as a personal trainer at age 14 and later completing a Bachelor’s in Health & Behaviour Science. He is one of only a handful of people to deadlift 4x his bodyweight and is a 5 time World Record Powerlifter.

Nowadays, Jordan shares his insights and experience through www.syattfitness.com as well as on Instagram and Facebook. Along with providing hundreds of online fitness articles in plain English, Jordan stays in daily contact with his clients through social media and email, ultimately holding them more accountable and building stronger relationships than with conventional training.

Show Highlights

  • Why the best program is the one that can be followed consistently.
  • Where trainers fail with social media, and how to shift the focus from ‘I’ to ‘you.’
  • Why online popularity is a poor gauge of actual impact and effectiveness.
  • Why the psychology of decision-making and motivation is essential for trainers.
  • How to find a balance between your own fitness and the growth of your business.
  • “Doing the right thing is always the right thing.” Why making a quick buck through false promises never works in the long-run.

“But first you need to be honest with yourself and aware of how you’re coming across… If all you’re doing is selfies and that stuff and you are not getting more business, then clearly you are not making the difference that you think you are.”

Connect with Jordan Syatt

Instagram: instagram.com/syattfitness

Website: www.syattfitness.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/syattfitness/

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Episode 16: Eric Bach (Bach Performance)

Stop Trading Dollars for Hours, with Eric Bach

Whether it’s at an office desk or on the gym floor, the daily grind of hourly work get’s old. Sure, some people manage to work a superhuman quantity of hours each week and come away with good money. But what about the quality of that work? Is it providing something of true, lasting value to the client?

Being a successful trainer is not about spending every possible moment in the gym and getting burned out in the process. It’s about moving each client towards their unique fitness goals, using whatever tools and strategies are most effective.

Today’s guest Eric Bach is leveraging the power of online fitness and marketing to make personal training less like a grind and more like a smartly-run business.

“Are you building a business that is going to be sustainable for you in the long term? What are the other trainers in your gym doing? Ask yourself, is that really what you want? Because if you don’t take the actions that you need now, you’re not going to have that in the future.” – Eric Bach

About Eric Bach

Eric Bach, CSCS is a personal trainer, author, and fitness business coach at Bachperformance.com. Eric is passionate about helping trainers take their business online by cutting through information overload and helping coaches stop trading dollars for hours and build long-term, sustainable fitness businesses.  

Eric’s hybrid training model pairs traditional one-on-one sessions in the gym with innovative online resources.

By offering clients a real fitness solution, rather than a limited number of hours at the gym, trainers can build their reputation and create a business that’s both more time-efficient and sustainable in the long run.

Show Highlights

  • How moving away from the hourly model builds business resilience and flexibility
  • Why business development should be done first thing in the morning
  • “You are your best business card.” Personal appearance as business advertising
  • Why being a successful trainer is about problem-solving, not hours worked
  • Should I hire a coach? Eric’s expert advice on the when, why, and how

Be better than everybody else…and your business will start to build naturally from that point. Beyond that component, you have to realize that what you are selling is not fitness. You’re selling a complete transformation of the person on a whole.”

Connect with Eric Bach

Website: bachperformance.com

Join Eric Bach and Daniel Freedman’s custom 2:1 Hybrid Fitness Business Program, now taking a select number of trainers in July 2017. Apply Now by clicking here 

For free marketing, sales, and content tips join the Bach Performance Hybrid Fitness Business Community here

Episode 15: Antonio Centeno (Real Men Real Style)

Dress to Impress, with Antonio Centeno

‘You can’t judge a book by its cover,’ the saying goes. And that’s absolutely true…for books. But when it comes to people, appearances really do matter. We all make subconscious judgments about other people based on their personal grooming and clothing habits.

Sometimes our snap judgments don’t align with reality. But often enough, and particularly in the professional world, they do. We naturally gravitate to people who look the part and seem confident in their role.

Ultimately, we all want the look that works for us – that complements our unique looks, projects authority, wears comfortably, but that also doesn’t get in the way or leave us scratching our head when trying to get dressed in the morning. Sounds complicated? It doesn’t have to be.

To me, credibility is so key. If a naked man walks into a crowded room and yells ‘fire,’ what do we think? We just think he’s crazy. If a fireman says ‘everyone gets out of here,’ do we question him? No. Instant authority.” – Antonio Centeno

About Antonio Centeno

Antonio Centeno is the founder of Real Men Real Style, a web-based company offering a wealth of style and grooming-related advice to men around the world. With literally thousands of educational resources, Real Men Real Style is helping men from all walks of life develop their personal and professional image. Because style is not just about looking good; it’s about realising your full potential inside and out.

Show Highlights

  • Enclosed cognition: how dressing the part makes you feel the part
  • Why we unconsciously give healthy looking people the benefit of the doubt
  • How to make good style and grooming an everyday habit
  • Why it’s crucial for self-employed workers in any industry to develop their own uniform
  • Right look, right occasion: clothing advice for trainers inside and outside the gym
  • How to inspire confidence in your clients by custom-tailoring your personal image

There isn’t a right path. There is the path that you choose. This is the image and the presentation that I want to give and this is the direction I want to go.”

Connect with Antonio Centeno

Website: www.realmenrealstyle.com/

Podcast Episode 14: Timber Hawkeye

Finding Your Inner Guru, with Timber Hawkeye

We can all think of that one person who doesn’t know when to say ‘enough.’ Maybe it’s money, or food, or sex. Outwardly, they seem to have everything they need. But inwardly, they are trying to fill a bottomless void with ‘more.’ For those in the fitness industry, it’s their size, their strength, their reputation, and their earnings. How does a healthy activity like exercise become corrupted by insatiable and ultimately self-destructive desire?

Buddhism has a lot to say on the matter. Just about everyone has heard “the root of all suffering is attachment.” So where do our attachments come from? From comparing ourselves to others. It’s only by practising mindfulness that we can stop feeling guilty and unsatisfied about our lives – including our personal appearance and fitness – and start acting in accordance with our true values. But don’t worry, it’s not necessary to join a monastery or even become a Buddhist to practice mindfulness.

“The reason we’re so addicted to more is that we haven’t defined what enough looks like.” – Timber Hawkeye

About Timber Hawkeye

Timber Hawkeye is the author of two books, Buddhist Bootcamp and Faithfully Religionless, a memoir. After studying Buddhism for many years, Timber realised that the lessons from Buddhism about mindfulness and gratitude can be adopted by anyone. He presents key concepts from Buddhism in accessible, non-academic language. Quiet your mind, take an honest look at yourself, and feel grateful for your own life.

Show Highlights

  • Why training the mind is equally as important as training the body
  • How practising mindfulness puts us in control of our emotions and behaviours
  • How to stop comparing yourself to others and start doing things for the right reasons
  • Developing gratitude: treating everyone you meet as a potential teacher
  • Why careful self-reflection is the key to discipline
  • How meditation helps us locate and listen to the wise voice within us

“That’s your goal – to be just as flexible with your mind as you are with your body and vice versa.”

Connect with Timber Hawkeye:

Website: http://www.buddhistbootcamp.com/ or http://www.timberhawkeye.com/

Resources Mentioned:

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Podcast Episode 13: Steve Grant

Turning Your Gym Business Vision into Reality, with Steve Grant

Thinking of starting your own gym? Trying to grow and improve your existing business? With so much competition in the marketplace, running a successful gym is not simply a matter of setting up a facility and watching the money roll in. All things being equal, what makes or breaks a small business is its ability to connect personally with customers and inspire employees.

Choosing the right strategies to get your message across is critical. Maybe that means sticking with the tried-and-true tactics. Or, it could mean getting creative and taking cues from successful businesses in other industries.

Work smart, not hard. Developing the right business plan for your gym will not only lead to success in the future, but also save you time and effort in the present.

“It’s only when you break down each step of the sales funnel, you can find these great opportunities just to tweak something. The improvements in revenue are dramatic.” – Steve Grant

About Steve Grant

Steve has 18 years experience in the fitness industry as a lecturer and studio owner, and is currently the Director of Gym Hub. He works one-on-one with gym owners to develop effective plans for marketing, recruitment, and branding. Central to his message is the importance of creating an inspiring vision for your business, and developing the right strategy to make that vision a reality.


Show Highlights

  • Identifying and grabbing the ‘low hanging fruit’ of your marketing opportunities
  • How to recruit staff that share your values and represent your business
  • The importance of creating a compelling and exciting vision
  • A ‘six-step blueprint’ to differentiating your brand
  • How to learn new strategies by exploring other industries

“You need to create your own story that people will talk about. I think this is the space that a lot of people miss”

Connect with Steve Grant

Website: www.gymhub.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/gymhub.au


Podcast Episode 12: Dave Beadle

Toward a Better Business Model of Corporate Fitness, with Dave Beadle

You pay your membership dues, you get access to the gym. That’s it. Such is the conventional business model of corporate fitness. While this model may seem favorable to some employers and their insurers, it ultimately fails to meet the personal fitness needs of most employees.

Meanwhile, the mid-level, traditional club is between a rock and hard place financially. They can’t compete with the membership-driven market of behemoth fitness franchises. The remainder of the fitness industry is being divided into ever-smaller chunks with the rise of high-end specialty clubs.

What’s the solution? Design a new way for clubs, personal trainers, and corporate clients to connect in a cost-effective manner.

“Here is a great opportunity for personal trainers to really leverage their time, leverage their expertise, and continue doing what they love to do.” – Dave Beadle

About Dave Beadle

A veteran of 35 years in the corporate fitness world and frequent presenter at industry conferences, Dave Beadle has made it his goal to create win-win business solutions for fitness clubs, personal trainers, and their clients.

His latest start-up, Fit Happens Intentionally, challenges the conventional model of corporate fitness by targeting sources of revenue beyond membership dues and creating a more flexible, holistic work environment for trainers. The resulting ‘workplace fitness ecosystem’ is designed to help low and mid-level players in the fitness industry leverage their unique qualities to secure corporate contacts.

Show Highlights

  • Recognizing the pitfalls of the “if you build it, they will come” model of corporate fitness
  • The unique challenges of designing fitness programs for small companies
  • Strategies for developing non-dues revenue
  • How trainers can utilize tools and their own expertise to better understand their clients’ needs, and steer them towards personal and professional development
  • Incorporating the “Five Dimensions of Fitness” – Right activity, right nutrition, right rest, right mindset, right gear

“With all this great effort to make the workplace better, you’re still going to have…to meet deadlines, you’re still going to have high pressure, high-stress situations. But if you have resilient employees, folks that are taking care of themselves and are able to weather the storm…that’s really what the employer is looking for.”

Connect with Dave Beadle

Website: www.fithappensintentionally.com & www.dhbeadleconsulting.com

Instagram: @fithappensintentionally

Email: dave@fithappensintentionally.com

Podcast Episode 11: Jodi Rumack

How Harnessing The Power Of Systems Can Help Personal Trainers Succeed, With Jodi Rumack

Personal trainers spend so much time pondering fitness programmes and nutrition that they tend to  neglect putting enough planning into their business. So, they often deploy trial-and-error business techniques that end up being super inefficient and simply don’t work. Trying different approaches is totally cool! The issue comes when people continue to copy something someone else is doing because it’s “supposed to work” but it isn’t working for them. They lose money because energy and resources are being put into something that isn’t bringing a return.

What if there was a way to systemize every part of your business so that you can thrive as a personal trainer, gym manager or studio owner? This would free up your time so that you can focus as much energy as possible on expanding your client base and your services. Jodi Rumack helps businesses thrive by harnessing the power of systems.

“I work with different clubs, studios, and in-home personal training businesses as well, to help them maximise their business. I basically take everything that they are doing right now and tweak it by putting in systems that work” – Jodi Rumack

About Jodi Rumack

Over the last sixteen years, Jodi has hired, trained and developed 1000+ personal trainers and managers across Canada; she has broken company records for GoodLife Fitness and PT Sales, which is the largest fitness club chain in Canada.

She has consulted with facilities to increase their revenue by 300+ percent, and has built teams and driven sales in clubs which has generated $800,000 a year. She’s been recognised as one of the top 500 employees at GoodLife Fitness.

Show Highlights


  • Jodi explains how every part of your business can be systemized to make it more efficient
  • How effective organisation, punctuality and presentation are crucial if personal trainers want to get hired by a gym
  • Why hiring social media managers, virtual assistants and bookkeepers should come before hiring personal trainers when you are starting your own studio
  • Why cafes, shops and restaurants are great places to find employees for your gym
  • How your business can benefit from hiring trainers who possess qualifications other than a PT Cert
  • How to onboard new employees successfully with goal-setting, training and job profiling
  • Why prompt feedback is important to help your trainers improve
  • Why gym owners should help long-term employees who want to open their own business
  • Why gym owners should help trainers focus on their own personal revenue goals than the revenue of the business


“You need to have systems because the small business owners are doing things on the fly every single time without taking the time to analyze what’s working and what isn’t, which will help them plan for the months/year ahead.”

Connect with Jodi Rumack

Website: www.jodirumack.com